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Welcome to the online home for Charles Arnone, a dedicated legal professional who strives everyday to serve as one of the Austin best criminal defense attorneys available. Mr. Arnone brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table when he works with men and women who have been accused of a variety of crimes, both at the state and federal levels.

When you’re facing criminal charges, finding the best criminal defense lawyers in Austin TX can be one of the most worthwhile investments you make. In cases of serious felony charges, your freedom could be at stake.

The best criminal defense attorneys in Austin TX are those that prove to be:

  • Experienced: There simply is no substitute for experience — and Charles Arnone has it in spades. His eight years spent as a prosecutor has afforded him invaluable perspective. His ability to anticipate a prosecutor’s moves is a strategic advantage for his clients.
  • Accessible: The Austin best criminal defense lawyers are those that are always there when you need them. Instead of being treated like just another case number, Charles Arnone provides a personal level of service for every client, helping them through each phase of their case, from arrest to filing an appeal.
  • Working with your best interests at heart: Navigating the criminal just system is far more complex than simply pleading guilty or not guilty. There are many factors and avenues to consider in order to reach the best possible outcome. And, that’s what the Austin best criminal defense attorneys count as a success: Providing clients with the best possible outcomes to their cases. Mr. Arnone will provide you with valuable insight so you can make informed decisions.

Having the best criminal defense lawyers in Austin TX on your side means having a competent legal professional that will be watching over proceedings to make sure your rights are upheld. That’s very important during this process.

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