Austin Criminal Appeals Attorneys

If you are looking for board-certified Austin criminal appeals attorneys, gain information and insight into your case by connecting with Charles Arnone and his team.

Mr. Arnone provides free evaluations to take a look at your situation to determine how he might be of assistance in your case. He has been admitted to every court in Texas, including both federal district courts and the fifth circuit court of appeals. As your choice in Austin criminal appeal lawyers, he will make sure that your legal right to a fair trial is upheld.

Why it’s important to work with qualified criminal appeals attorneys in Austin TX?

The job of the appeals court is not to re-try your case and determine an outcome, rather, this is a venue in which to file a formal complaint about your original case and how your legal rights were not properly honored.

As your choice in criminal appeal lawyers in Austin TX, Mr. Arnone and his team will scrutinize your case, identify any instances in which specific procedural processes were not followed and highlight how the mismanagement of this trial could have led to your guilty verdict.

Some of the more relatively common issues that prompt an appeal can include:

  • Improper jury instruction
  • Insufficient evidence to support the verdict
  • Ineffective counsel
  • Incorrect application of the law
  • The admissibility of certain pieces of evidence
  • And more

Everyone that faces criminal charges has the right to fair, equal treatment under the law. Austin criminal appeals attorneys are the watchdogs that stand guard, making sure that you were afforded all of your legal rights and that your trial was a fair one.

Looking to work with trusted Austin criminal appeal lawyers?

Charles Arnone can provide you with a free consultation to see if you are still able to file an appeal, and if so, what it might mean for you. If you’re looking for experienced Austin criminal appeals attorneys, Mr. Arnone’s office is a great place to start.


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