Austin Criminal Justice Attorney

Don’t take chances with your future or freedom — if you have been arrested and accused of a crime, make sure you have a competent Austin criminal justice attorney in your corner.

As an , Mr. Arnone and his team will work closely with you throughout each phase of your case, from the moment of arrest all the way through filing an appeal if needed.

If you’ve never been in legal trouble, you probably haven’t bothered shopping around amongst the many criminal justice law firms in Austin TX to find the best one. When most people run into legal problems, they are forced to start their search from scratch.

Whether you need a criminal justice attorney in Austin TX for your current legal needs, or you simply wanted a trusted name on call ”just in case”, Charles Arnone is a great resource for a number of reasons.

Making Mr. Arnone your criminal justice lawyer in Austin TX means benefiting from:

  • Extensive legal experience. Experience is arguably the most important thing you’ll be looking for in Austin criminal justice law firms. Mr. Arnone has eight years of experience as a prosecutor, giving him a unique legal perspective. He’s also worked for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and has been admitted to every court in Texas.
  • Personal service throughout each phase of the process. From the moment you’re arrested, to the resolution of your case, you can trust Mr. Arnone to be the Austin criminal justice attorney who is accessible and ready to field your questions and concerns.
  • A focus on identifying the goals for your case and working to achieve them. Mr. Arnone’s chief objective is to minimize the long-term negative impact on your life, and he will explore the avenues in which to get there.

Protect your legal rights with a trusted Austin criminal justice lawyer

Mr. Arnone is available for a free case evaluation. Learn more about what he can do as your Austin criminal justice attorney by connecting with office of Charles Arnone.


Practicing exclusively in criminal defense from arrest through appeal.

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