Austin Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you have been accused of, or arrested for, domestic violence, protect your legal rights by immediately consulting with an Austin domestic violence defense lawyer. Charles Arnone is a criminal defense attorney that specializes in working with men and women who find themselves in these positions.

As your DV defense lawyer in Austin TX, Mr. Armone will provide close, personal service and legal counsel so that you are able to protect your good name and come out on the other side of these legal proceedings with your reputation, freedom and other rights still intact.

A qualified domestic violence defense lawyer in Austin TX is a must

Legitimate cases of domestic violence can be life threatening to a victim, which is why law enforcement takes mere allegations very seriously. Unfortunately, this can turn into a “He said, she said” game, where innocent individuals are unfairly accused of such criminal actions.

Law enforcement tends to error on the side of caution instead of thoroughly investigating the situation before bringing charges. As a seasoned Austin DV defense lawyer, Charles Arnone is here to work with those who are facing these charges so that they receive fair treatment under the law.

Domestic violence charges can follow you around for life

The stakes are high, which is why working with a qualified Austin domestic violence defense lawyer is so important. Your reputation, employment, money, access to your children and even your freedom could be on the line.

Each decision you make during your case can have a profound impact on your life. As a DV defense lawyer in Austin TX, Mr. Arnone will take the time to discuss these repercussions with you and help you make the best possible decisions in your case.

You will get close, personal service every step of the way — from initial arrest to filing an appeal if needed. Consult with Charles Arnone about your case and let him serve as your Austin domestic violence defense lawyer.


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