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Are you facing federal criminal charges and searching for Austin law firms for federal criminal defense that are competent to handle your case? Connect with Charles Arnone and his staff and get the insightful legal counsel that you need.

Qualified to handle federal crimes cases

Criminal charges can be levied at both the state and federal levels. Federal authorities can issue charges, even after a person has been convicted or acquitted at the state level.

The federal criminal justice system is different from that at the state level, so it’s important to choose a law firm for federal criminal defense in Austin TX that has a strong understanding of the differences. Also, with federal charges, more can be at stake, such as longer prison sentences and stiffer punishments.

Not every criminal defense attorney is knowledgeable enough, or equipped, to handle federal cases. Charles Arnone is. If you’re looking for Austin law firms for federal criminal defense, Mr. Arnone can provide you with an extensive case evaluation and then walk you through each phase of the process.

Charles Arnone handles cases involving such charges as:

  • Tax evasion
  • Terrorism
  • Child pornography
  • Drug crimes
  • Counterfeiting
  • And more

Mr. Arnone spent eight years as a prosecutor, affording him the unique perspective of the other side of the courtroom. He knows the strategies and tactics that prosecutors use and he leverages that knowledge to the advantage of his clients.

He is admitted to every court in Texas, including federal district courts. Mr. Arnone serves as a worthy resource for anyone looking for law firms for federal criminal defense in Austin TX.

Get a free case evaluation

Anyone seeking Austin law firms for federal criminal defense can benefit from consulting with Charles Arnone and his team. He will provide more information on what he can provide as your defense attorney.


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