Lakeway Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

When your freedom and reputation are at stake, only the Lakeway best criminal defense attorneys will suffice. Charles Arnone is a trusted criminal defense attorney that serves men and women of the local community, who have found themselves in legal trouble.

Charles Arnone strives every day to serve as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Lakeway TX, helping you take on criminal charges that range from something as seemingly benign as a traffic ticket, all the way up to domestic violence, drug crimes or even murder.

The best criminal defense attorneys in Lakeway TX are the ones that have your best interests at heart. When you work with Mr. Arnone and his support staff, you can expect him to be laser focused on:

  • Getting results: The end game is always to get your charges dropped or reduced. As one of the Lakeway best criminal defense lawyers, Mr. Arnone has spent eight years as a prosecutor, which helps him more effectively anticipate what the legal professionals on the other side of your case are going to do.
  • You and your needs: The Lakeway best criminal defense attorneys are those that treat you like the unique individual that you are and not just a case number. Mr. Arnone will provide you with his close, personal attention throughout each phase of the legal process, making sure to account for your goals and needs.
  • Your future: It’s important to find the best criminal defense lawyers in Lakeway TX to go to bat for you because your future is at stake. Being branded with criminal convictions can mean jail time, fines, diminished job prospects and more. Mr. Arnone’s top priority is to minimize the impact that your charges have on your life in the future.

Charles Arnone and his team are ready to prove themselves as one of the Lakeway best criminal defense attorneys. Schedule a free case evaluation and get answers to your questions or concerns.


Practicing exclusively in criminal defense from arrest through appeal.

Criminal Defense

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Family Violence Defense

When your freedom, your family, and your future are at stake – demand a lawyer with the experience to defend you

Conflicted Protective Orders

When the government can’t help you, I can help keep you safe.