Lakeway Criminal Appeals Attorneys

If you are looking around for Lakeway criminal appeals attorneys that can help you understand this process and maximize your chances at getting a new trial, then schedule a time to consult with Charles Arnone and his team.

As your choice in Lakeway criminal appeal lawyers, Mr. Arnone will fight vigorously to preserve your legal right to a fair trial. Too often, cases are tainted by a variety of factors, from inaccurate jury instructions to procedural issues. Mr. Arnone will leverage his significant legal experience to identify these problems and bring them to the attention of the appellate courts.

It’s important to work with experienced criminal appeals attorneys in Lakeway TX

Not all criminal defense attorneys make effective criminal appeal lawyers in Lakeway TX. It’s important that you work with an individual that has significant experience working through the appeals process, both at the state and federal levels.

Charles Arnone stands above many of the other Lakeway criminal appeals attorneys because he has logged experience working with the Texas Court of Appeals and has also spent eight years as a prosecutor. This unique perspective and experience serves as an asset when filing for an appeal.

Work with Lakeway criminal appeal lawyers that can draft compelling briefs

Few appeals include oral arguments — you need to submit briefs to the appellate courts that are compelling and properly highlight the ways in which your legal rights were infringed upon.

The appeals process can be a lengthy one, and Mr. Arnone will work closely with you, keeping you updated throughout each phase. A criminal conviction doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Charles Arnone will work to maximize your chances at a successful appeal.

Work with one of the leading Lakeway criminal appeals attorneys by connecting with Charles Arnone for a free consultation.


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