Lakeway Domestic Abuse Defense Attorney

Find the ally that you’re looking for in a Lakeway domestic abuse defense attorney by connecting with Charles Arnone and his support team.

Mr. Arnone is a seasoned legal professional with eight years of experience working as a prosecutor. He specializes in serving as a Lakeway domestic abuse defense lawyer, helping clients take on these emotionally-charged, complex cases.

Addressing the unique nature of domestic violence cases

It’s important to work with an experienced domestic abuse defense attorney in Lakeway TX because these cases are different than many other criminal cases. In most other cases, there are independent witnesses that can offer insight into the situation in addition to significant evidence.

With many domestic violence cases, all that law enforcement officials have to work with is the personal accounts of those that are involved. A savvy domestic abuse defense lawyer in Lakeway TX should be able to help you navigate this high-stakes game of “he said, she said.”

Charles Arnone is a Lakeway domestic abuse defense attorney who will aggressively defend you and help you make the decisions needed to find the best possible outcome. He has significant trial experience and is not afraid to use those skills to address the matter in a courtroom.

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