Lakeway Federal Criminal Law Firm

Are you looking for a proven Lakeway federal criminal law firm? Criminal charges filed by the federal government need to be addressed by attorneys that have experience working with cases at the federal level.

That’s exactly what you will get when you team up with Charles Arnone and his staff. When you are facing federal charges, you will be going up against the likes of the DOJ, FBI and other agencies — you have to match that firepower with the best criminal law practices in Lakeway TX.

Mr. Arnone carries the experience needed to serve those who are currently on the hunt for Lakeway federal criminal attorneys. From federal drug crimes to white collar crimes, he will provide you with the vigorous defense that you need so that you are not steamrolled under the heavy legal boot of the United States government.

A competent federal criminal law firm in Lakeway TX is a must in these situations

One reason that federal charges are not to be taken lightly is that they tend to come with harsh penalties — usually years behind bars. That makes finding the right Lakeway criminal law practices all the more important. Your freedom is on the line.

As your choice in federal criminal attorneys in Lakeway TX, Charles Arnone can provide you with assistance throughout each crucial phase of the process, including:

  • Pre-trial: Most cases are settled with a plea bargain. It’s important to work with a Lakeway federal criminal law firm that helps you weigh your options and pick one that leads to the brightest future possible.
  • Trial: Mr. Arnone is an attorney with significant trial experience and isn’t afraid to defend you in the courtroom setting.
  • Appeal: Not all criminal law practices in Lakeway TX are able to effectively vie for an appeal. Mr. Arnone has experience working with the Texas Court of Appeals and can handle your appeals process.

If you are in need of a Lakeway federal criminal law firm to help in your case, start with a free, no-obligation case review with Charles Arnone.


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