Lakeway Restraining Protective Attorney

If an individual has applied for a personal protection order against you, then you don’t have to simply accept it — you can work with a Lakeway restraining order attorney and contest it.

Charles Arnone is one such attorney, specializing in working with men and women who have been accused of, or charged with, domestic violence. Often in these cases, a personal protection order is put into effect, which is designed to limit your personal freedoms.

For instance, it might ban you from visiting your home or seeing your children. With Mr. Arnone as your Lakeway protective order attorney, you can exercise your rights to contest the order or amend it for more favorable, and less restrictive, terms.

As your restraining order attorney in Lakeway TX, Mr. Arnone will work with you to:

  • Show up when needed to contest the order. You have a legal right to respond to allegations and contest a personal protection order if you do not think one is merited. You’ll need to attend the necessary hearing with your protective order attorney in Lakeway TX to do so.
  • Help you gather evidence to support your argument. You essentially have to work with a Lakeway restraining order attorney to build a case and show why the applicant’s claims are unfounded. If a person accuses you of constant harassment, bring evidence that points to the contrary.
  • Make sure that you are following a temporary protection order, if there is one place. Often, a judge will put a temporary order in place until the matter can be sorted out. If you violate that order, it will only compound your legal woes.

As you can see, having a Lakeway protective order attorney in your corner is important so that you can address the complex issues of personal protection orders the right way.

If you have found yourself in a domestic situation, please don’t hesitate to connect with Charles Arnone and his support team and work with a seasoned Lakeway restraining order attorney.


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