Lakeway Sexual Assault Attorney

Welcome to the online home for a Lakeway sexual assault defense attorney that has a great reputation when it comes to defending men and women who are facing these, and other, criminal charges.

Charles Arnone is a dedicated Lakeway sexual abuse attorney that will provide you with the needed assistance to make the appropriate legal moves in an effort to achieve the goals you have in your case. Whether that means minimal penalties or complete exoneration, Mr. Arnone and his team will work hard to represent your best interests.

Why you need a sexual assault defense attorney in Lakeway TX

It’s important that you work with an attorney that has experience working these types of cases. Sexual assault cases, especially domestic matters, are unique from almost any other criminal cases for a number of reasons.

  • For starters, they are emotionally-charged. This can sometimes make it hard for a judge or jury to remain impartial. As your sexual abuse attorney in Lakeway TX, Mr. Arnone will make sure that you receive a fair trial.
  • Many of these cases tend to lack tangible evidence or an independent witness, making it a game of “he said, she said.” As your Lakeway sexual assault defense attorney, Mr. Arnone will protect your innocence against false, or misleading claims.
  • The effects of a conviction — or even mere allegations — can last a lifetime. As a longtime Lakeway sexual abuse attorney, Mr. Arnone knows that these proceedings can lead to a tarnished reputation, difficulty finding work and even inclusion on the state’s sex offender registry. The stakes are high — you need to work with an attorney that will take your future into consideration.

Tell your side of the story to a qualified Lakeway sexual assault defense attorney by connecting with Charles Arnone and schedule your free case evaluation.


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