Round Rock Criminal Appeals Attorneys

If you have been found guilty in a criminal trial and sentenced, your fate is not yet completely sealed — you can work with Round Rock criminal appeals attorneys to vie for a new trial if your previous trial was not a fair one.

Charles Arnone is a criminal defense attorney who is effective in this capacity. He has experience working with the Texas Court of Appeals, which is the highest appeals court in the state, in addition to his eight years as a prosecutor.

If you’re looking for Round Rock criminal appeal lawyers to handle your appeal, do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Arnone and his team. In fact, Mr. Arnone works with many clients in every phase of their case — pre-trial, trial and appeal.

Protect your legal rights with criminal appeals attorneys in Round Rock TX

Mr. Arnone and his support team work diligently to ensure the legal rights of his clients are upheld. No one should be on the receiving end of life-altering consequences because the criminal justice failed them.

As your choice among criminal appeal lawyers in Round Rock TX, Mr. Arnone will:

  • Study your case and use his knowledge and experience to identify any instances where your rights as a defendant were not upheld. This could be anything from ineffective counsel to providing the jury with insufficient instruction before they deliberated on a verdict.
  • Compose and file a compelling brief. Round Rock criminal appeals attorneys file these briefs with the courts, and it’s important that they are succinct and effectively point appellate judges to areas of concerns in previous cases.
  • Make oral arguments if needed. It’s important that you work with Round Rock criminal appeal lawyers that prepare for this phase so that they are able to deliver a strong argument to appellate judges.

With the right Round Rock criminal appeals attorneys, you can potentially regain your freedom and good name. Mr. Arnone would be honored to embark on that journey with you.


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