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When it comes to finding the right Round Rock criminal defense attorney for your state or federal case, experience is an important characteristic to look for. In fact, there is no substitute for experience, and that’s why Charles Arnone stands out as a Round Rock criminal defense lawyer.

Working with clients who are facing a wide range of crimes — and specializing in domestic violence cases — Mr. Arnone and his team are ready to go to work for you, walking you through your case in an effort to reach the best possible conclusion.

Most cases don’t even make it to trial. That’s why you need a criminal defense attorney in Round Rock TX that will be able to effectively advocate on your behalf to strike a fair deal when possible. But, Mr. Arnone is also a criminal defense lawyer in Round Rock TX that is fully capable of going to trial and fighting the matter out effectively in court. He comes with plenty of experience in that capacity.

Bringing unique perspective and extensive knowledge to your case

If you are facing criminal charges and don’t already have a trusted attorney, you’re probably frantically searching amongst the many criminal defense firms in Round Rock TX. Mr. Arnone can serve as your Round Rock criminal defense attorney, whether you’re facing a traffic violation or something as serious as murder.

One thing that makes Mr. Arnone so effective as a criminal defense attorney is his eight years of experience as a prosecutor. By serving in this capacity, Charles Arnone has the perspective of a prosecutor, which he uses to help his clients make the appropriate legal decisions that maximize the chances of a positive outcome. Not every Round Rock criminal defense lawyer provides this same strategic advantage.

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Mr. Arnone provides free case evaluations. Tell your side of the story to an accomplished Round Rock criminal defense attorney by connecting with Mr. Arnone and his staff right now.


Practicing exclusively in criminal defense from arrest through appeal.

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