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Charles Arnone is a Round Rock criminal justice attorney that has logged years of experience working as a prosecutor. Those eight years in the role have afforded him a strategic advantage that he puts to use for his clients, who are facing criminal charges at either the state or federal level.

This is an advantage that not every other Round Rock criminal justice lawyer is able to bring to the table, as Mr. Arnone and is able to effectively anticipate the strategies of the prosecutor in your case and counter with the necessary steps in a way that will maximize your chances of the best possible outcome.

If you’re searching around amongst the many criminal justice law firms in Round Rock TX, looking for an attorney to handle your case, schedule a consultation with Charles Arnone.

A criminal justice attorney in Round Rock TX that understands every step of the process.

Mr. Arnone and his team will walk you through each phase that you encounter during your case, providing you with insight that is rooted in extensive experience along the way. This includes:

  • Pre-trial: It’s paramount that you connect with your choice criminal justice lawyer in Round Rock TX from the moment you are arrested to minimize the likelihood that you’ll say, or do, something that will ruin your chances at a positive outcome. Mr. Arnone can stand as your Round Rock criminal justice attorney from day one, avoiding a trial if possible by striking a favorable fair plea bargain.
  • Trial: Mr. Arnone is not a Round Rock criminal justice lawyer that does all his work from his desk, though. He has extensive trial experience that makes him effective in the courtroom. He will vigorously fight for you in a trial.
  • Appeal: It’s important to work with a Round Rock criminal justice lawyer that is able to spot procedural issues and other injustices in your case and can write a compelling brief that resonates with the appellate courts. Charles Arnone can handle this aspect of your case.

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Charles Arnone is a Round Rock criminal justice attorney that provides free consultations. Chat with him and tell your side of the story.


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