Round Rock Domestic Violence Attorney

Cases of domestic violence can move through the criminal justice system quite quickly, which is why it is important to have a responsive Round Rock domestic violence defense attorney in your corner to provide you with the effective communication you need to be properly represented.

Charles Arnone has spent years as a domestic violence defense attorney in Round Rock TX, working with men and women who have found themselves entangled in domestic violence situations and face life-altering criminal charges for it.

As your Round Rock domestic violence defense attorney, Mr. Arnone will take the time to get your side of the story and help you strategize the best possible way to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Too often, domestic violence charges stem from false claims made by someone who had a proverbial axe to grind with you. Mr. Arnone won’t let your good name be dragged through the mud like that.

Whether he’s able to strike a favorable deal in the pretrial phase, or utilize his many years of trial experience in the courtroom to fight for you, Mr. Arnone will work with your best interests at the forefront of everything he does.

Work with a trusted Round Rock domestic violence defense attorney — don’t let the criminal justice system roll you over

Law enforcement does not take chances with domestic violence situations. That means they’re quick to make arrests, hold the accused behind bars and file charges. If you don’t have strong legal representation throughout this process, you could be swept up, make serious legal missteps and ultimately pay a price for a crime you may have not even committed.

That’s why Mr. Arnone is standing by, waiting to hear from you. If you have been arrested, your first order of business is to connect with a domestic violence defense attorney in Round Rock TX like Charles Arnone. Do not talk to law enforcement until you have competent legal counsel secured. Mr. Arnone is always available to hear your side of the story and get involved in any way he can.

Don’t take on domestic violence allegations or charges on your own. Connect with Charles Arnone to gain insight from an experienced Round Rock domestic violence defense attorney.


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