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Mere accusations of domestic violence can be enough to tarnish a reputation, and as a Round Rock family domestic violence defense attorney, Charles Arnone and his team are ready to defend you if you find yourself in this position.

Domestic violence cases amongst family members are emotionally-charged in general. These are also unique cases because there is often no independent witnesses to the incident or tangible proof of a person’s guilt. The criminal justice system finds itself leaning on firsthand accounts by those involved.

Mr. Arnone is a family domestic violence defense attorney in Round Rock TX that specializes in working these types of cases. From the moment you’re arrested and charged with domestic violence, to exploring your options during the pretrial phase, he is ready to provide you with information and insight that is rooted in years of legal experience.

A Round Rock family domestic violence defense attorney that is ready to defend your innocence

One of the most unfortunate things about domestic violence cases is that, too often, a family member will either make false claims or embellish what really happened in an effort to get back at the other person. Law enforcement takes domestic violence situations very seriously, so these bogus allegations have the power to profoundly change a person’s life in a negative way.

As your family domestic violence defense attorney in Round Rock TX, Charles Arnone is not afraid to pursue the truth. He takes the time to get your side of the story and will use his extensive resources, drawing on his past experience, to protect your good name. His ultimate goal is to find an outcome that minimally impacts your life and reputation.

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If you’re being blamed for a domestic violence incident and no one is listening to your side of the story, connect with a Round Rock family domestic violence defense attorney that cares. Charles Arnone is ready to listen and provide the legal assistance you need!


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