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If you’re looking for a Round Rock felony defense attorney that will honestly fight for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Charles Arnone and his team work for clients that are facing criminal charges at the federal and state levels and they devote their full resources to helping these clients reach the best possible outcome in their cases.

Mr. Arnone is not a Round Rock felony defense lawyer that handles all his cases from his desk. In a day and age where over 90 percent of criminal cases are resolved through plea bargain — many at the expense of the accused — Charles Arnone will take whichever path leads to the best possible outcome.

As your choice in felony criminal lawyers in Round Rock TX, Mr. Arnone has significant trial experience and is not afraid to defend your innocence and uphold your legal rights in court. He is admitted to all the courts in Texas including the federal district courts.

On top of that, Mr. Arnone is a felony defense attorney in Round Rock TX that can also help you with your appeal if you need to file one. He has experience working in the Texas Court of Appeals and has the knowledge and experience to identify miscarriages of justice in your case and craft compelling briefs to sway appellate court judges.

As your felony defense lawyer in Round Rock TX, Mr. Arnone is able to provide you with support throughout the entire process — from the moment of your arrest to your potential appeal.

Your choice in Round Rock felony criminal lawyers is important

The legal professional you have in your corner can greatly impact the results of your case. Many criminal charges come with life-altering consequences. As your Round Rock felony defense attorney, Mr. Arnone works to minimize the long-lasting impact of your charges and helps you emerge on the other side able to lead a fulfilling life.

He has worked with clients that face everything from traffic tickets to murder charges and his eight years of experience as a prosecutor gives him unique perspective as a Round Rock felony defense lawyer.

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