Round Rock Restraining Protective Attorney

If you have been involved in a domestic violence situation, and are on the receiving end of a personal protection order, then make sure you take the necessary steps forward with the help of a qualified Round Rock restraining order attorney.

These protection orders are designed to limit your freedoms — but you don’t have to follow them without a fight. With the help of a Round Rock protective order attorney, you can either fight the validity of the protection order and advocate to have it thrown out completely, or you can work with the courts to modify the terms of the order so that it is easier to comply with.

If you are looking for a restraining order attorney in Round Rock TX that can help you defend yourself against an order — or even submit one of your own — then connect with Charles Arnone and his staff.

Mr. Arnone specializes in domestic violence cases, protecting the good name of his clients and ensuring that they get fair treatment under the law instead of being hastily swept up in an unfair criminal justice system. With Mr. Arnone as your protective order attorney in Round Rock TX, you can:

  • Better understand the terms of the proposed protective order to make sure that you follow it. You’re only going to compound your legal problems if you refuse to comply with an order that has been granted.
  • Work to have the terms modified or have the order rejected all together. Too often, personal protection orders are used by individuals to gain the upper hand or to exact revenge against another person. Personal protection orders are designed to keep people safe, and, as your Round Rock restraining order attorney, Mr. Arnone will not let someone use them frivolously.
  • Handle the other complexities of your case. Domestic violence cases can be complex and tough when there are no independent witnesses or concrete evidence. As your Round Rock protective order attorney, Mr. Arnone will listen to your side of the story and help you plot out a way to clear your name and reach the best possible outcome.

Learn more about what Charles Arnone can provide as your Round Rock restraining order attorney by connecting him and his team for a free consultation.


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