Round Rock Sexual Assault Attorney

Securing a Round Rock sexual assault defense attorney immediately following your arrest is a good idea. If you are facing these serious charges, it’s important that you have someone in your corner that has a firm understanding of the legal system and how its outcomes can impact your life.

The mere allegations of sexual assault can be enough to tarnish your good reputation, but being found guilty comes with even more dire consequences. With Charles Arnone as your Round Rock sexual abuse attorney, Mr. Arnone and his team will work tirelessly to prove you innocent of the charges.

A sexual assault defense attorney in Round Rock TX to help you avoid the many consequnces that come with a conviction

When it comes to sexual assault cases, there is a lot at stake, and in some instances, the entire case hinges on one person’s word against that of another.

As your sexual abuse attorney in Round Rock TX, Mr. Arnone takes this obligation to his clients seriously, helping them to avoid such consequences as:

  • Time behind bars in a local jail or state prison
  • Fines that could potentially total tens of thousands of dollars
  • Forced to register as a sex offender
  • Trouble finding future work
  • Soiled reputation

As you can see, being convicted of sexual assault charges can change the whole trajectory of your life for years. As your Round Rock sexual assault defense attorney, Charles Arnone will put up a spirited defense — one that maximizes your chances at an outcome that miniminzies, or eliminates, the impact on your life.

Work with an experienced Round Rock sexual abuse attorney

Not only does Mr. Arnone have years of experience, the nature of that experience provides a strategic advantage for his clients. Spending eight years as a prosecutor, Charles Arnone is able to anticipate the strategies and tactics of the other side, and appropriately counter with legal maneuvers of his own.

If you need the services and insight of a trusted Round Rock sexual assault defense attorney, then connect with Charles Arnone and his team to get a free consultation.


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