Travis County Domestic Abuse Defense Attorney

With extensive experience as a Travis County domestic abuse defense attorney, Charles Arnone is ready to help you address these types of allegations and charges. With a strong track record of admirably serving his clients, Mr. Arnone will aggressively defend your charges and work to help you avoid a lifetime of unfair consequences.

Have your been arrested for, or accused of, domestic violence? Connect with a Travis County domestic abuse defense lawyer right away

Mr. Arnone and his support team are accessible for when you need them. In the event you are arrested, connect with Mr. Arnone right away, before making a statement to law enforcement or doing anything else.

It’s important to make methodical steps forward in your legal case — one slip-up or seemingly benign mistake can have dire consequences in your case. As your domestic abuse defense attorney in Travis County, Mr. Arnone will provide you with that guidance throughout the pre-trial, trial and appeal phases.

However, the ideal scenario is to have your charges thrown out before ever having to step foot in court. As your domestic abuse defense lawyer in Travis County, Mr. Arnone will leverage his extensive knowledge and experience to work toward that goal.

Tell your side of the story to a trusted Travis County domestic abuse defense attorney

Don’t let your name be dragged through the mud unfairly. As your Travis County domestic abuse defense lawyer, Charles Arnone and his team will ensure that your legal rights are upheld and that your voice is heard in these proceedings. We know that domestic abuse allegations can have serious, life-long consequences and we’re here to help you avoid those.

Schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Charles Arnone is standing by, ready to go to work as your Travis County domestic abuse defense attorney.


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