Travis County Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are two sides to every domestic violence claim, and Charles Arnone is a Travis County domestic violence defense lawyer that is ready to listen to yours.

Domestic violence cases are very unique when compared to other criminal cases. Law enforcement treats mere allegations of domestic violence very seriously. If a loved one accuses you of one of these crimes, it’s important to connect with a DV defense lawyer in Travis County immediately.

Helping you through each phase of your case

Charles Arnone is domestic violence defense lawyer in Travis County that has spent eight years of his career as a prosecutor. He knows how the prosecution operates and uses this as a strategic advantage for the clients that he represents.

Mr. Arnone is also a Travis County DV defense lawyer that knows how domestic violence allegations or charges can have a profound impact on your life in a negative way. From a diminished reputation and trouble finding gainful employment, to spending time behind bars, the stakes are very high.

As your Travis County domestic violence defense lawyer, Mr. Arnone will provide his knowledge and insight throughout any stage your might encounter — pre-trial, trial and the appeals process.

Most criminal cases are resolved with a plea bargain and never reach a courtroom, but Mr. Arnone is a DV defense lawyer in Travis County with significant trial experience and is willing to go through those measures to clear your good name.

Connect with Mr. Arnone and his team right now

Get a free case evaluation from a leading Travis County domestic violence defense lawyer. Mr. Arnone is standing by, ready to hear about your situation and get your side of the story. Contact him right away.


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