Travis County Federal Criminal Law Firm

In the event you are charged with a federal crime, make your first order of business to be connecting with a Travis County federal criminal law firm that can help you meet these charges head-on.

Federal charges stem from alleged crimes that were committed either on government property, or directly against the federal government. Your choice in criminal law practices in Travis County is important because these cases feature:

  • Complex charges: It’s important to work with Travis County federal criminal attorneys that can pick through these complex charges and help you effectively navigate them.
  • Severe penalties: The stakes are high with federal charges — they often come with much stricter penalties than you would see at the state level. You need a federal criminal law firm in Travis County that will work tirelessly to defend your freedom.
  • An opponent with seemingly infinite resources: The federal government has overwhelming resources that they can devote to investigate, prosecute and convict you. You need to work with Travis County criminal law practices that can effectively stand up for you in this one-sided legal battle.

Not all criminal defense attorneys make effective federal criminal attorneys in Travis County. Charles Arnone has the necessary experience and is admitted to practice in the federal district courts of Texas.

Are you looking for a Travis County federal criminal law firm?

Charles Arnone can defend you against a wide range of charges — drug crimes, tax evasion, fraud, white collar crimes and more. He is not intimidated by the barrage of resources the government brings to the table.

Don’t risk your legal fate with ineffective criminal law practices in Travis County

Charles Arnone and his support staff are ready to serve as your Travis County federal criminal law firm of choice, providing you with the ardent defense you need against federal charges.


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