Travis County Felony Defense Attorney

Don’t let the criminal justice system roll over you — rely on a competent Travis County felony defense attorney to meet your charges head-on and maximize your chances at a positive outcome in your case.

Charles Arnone is a Travis County felony defense lawyer that is ready to listen to your situation and get your side of the story. If he is confident in his ability to help you effectively throughout the phases of your case, then he will provide you with close, personal advisement the entire way.

What are you looking for in felony criminal lawyers in Travis County?

Experience should definitely be one of the primary attributes, and Charles Arnone brings unique experience to his role as a felony defense attorney in Travis County. This experience includes:

  • Eight years served as a prosecutor. This is a strategic benefit as a felony defense lawyer in Travis County, as he is able to anticipate what the prosecutors in your case might do and appropriately counter with strategic legal maneuvers of his own.
  • A Navy veteran that served his country for five years. While this isn’t necessarily legal experience, his time serving has taught him some of the attributes that most people are looking for in Travis County felony criminal lawyers — honestly, integrity and a willingness to fight for what he believes.
  • Has worked with the Texas Court of Appeals, which is the highest appeals court in the state. Mr. Arnone is a Travis County felony defense attorney that can walk with yourthrough the appeals process.
  • Arnone is also a Travis County felony defense lawyer that is admitted to practice in every court throughout Texas. This includes federal district courts, representing men and women who are facing federal charges.

Mr. Arnone leverages this vast experience for his clients as their Travis County felony defense attorney, aggressively defending them and striving to reach the best possible outcome in their cases. Call now for a free consultation to discuss your current legal situation.


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