Travis County Law Firms For Criminal Defense

When faced with federal criminal charges, or a federal investigation, your first order of business should be to seek out Travis County law firms for federal criminal defense. It’s paramount to work with legal professionals that are specifically experienced in dealing with federal cases.

Charles Arnone is one such attorney, admitted to practice in every court in the state of Texas, including the federal district courts. If you are facing any type of federal charge, are under a federal investigation, and need the assistance of law firms for federal criminal defense in Travis County, connect with Mr. Arnone right now.

Why the stakes are higher with federal cases

Fighting a federal case is especially high-stakes and challenging for a couple reasons.

  • For starters, federal convictions come with much stricter penalties than you will find at the state level. Federal law enforcement looks to send a message of deterrence by handing down sometimes-devastating sentences to those they believe have committed a crime against the federal government.
  • The federal government has a full arsenal of resources they can use to investigate, charge and convict you — agencies like the FBI, ATF, Department of Homeland Security and more. It’s important to find Travis County law firms for federal criminal defense that can match this legal fire power.

Federal criminal charges can range from drug crimes and white collar crimes to tax evasion and terrorism. If you’re looking around for law firms for federal criminal defense in Travis County, gain the insight you’re seeking by connecting with Mr. Arnone.

Offering a free, no-obligation consultation

Before you hire any Travis County law firms for federal criminal defense, you can connect with Charles Arnone and get a free, insightful case evaluation. Mr. Arnone is ready to listen.


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