Travis County Sexual Assault Attorney

Sexual assault offenses are considered to be especially serious and heinous, and because law enforcement works to treat these cases very seriously, you need to protect your rights with a Travis County sexual assault defense attorney.

Charles Arnone and his support team are ready to provide you with aggressive defense in the event you are accused of, or charged with, some form of sexual assault. Your freedom and reputation are on the line — put a proven Travis County sexual abuse attorney in your corner.

Defending the rights of the accused throughout Travis County

Sexual assault consists of any sexual activity that is forced on an alleged victim. Some examples of such include:

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Forced penetration
  • Child molestation
  • And more

As your sexual assault defense attorney in Travis County, Charles Arnone will work diligently to protect your good name. Whether he’s able to resolve the case during the pre-trial phase, or must put to use his significant courtroom experience, he will take all measures necessary to maximize your chances at a positive outcome.

You’re potentially facing incarceration, a lifetime of probaction or inclusion on the state’s sex offender registry — these are major consequences for a crime you may not have even committed. As your sexual abuse attorney in Travis County, Mr. Arnone is ready to make your voice heard.

Work with a Travis County sexual assault defense attorney that cares about your wellbeing

As your Travis County sexual abuse attorney, Mr. Arnone’s main objective is to minimize, or eliminate, the impact that these allegations or charges have on the rest of your life. He’s concerned with your future, and the future of your family

If you have found yourself in this type of situation, connect with Charles Arnone and his staff and tell your side of the story to an attentive Travis County sexual assault defense attorney who can help.


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