West Lake Hills Criminal Appeals Attorneys

Working with experienced and proven West Lake Hills criminal appeals attorneys is vital if you hope to have the results of a previous criminal trial thrown out. Charles Arnone is a criminal defense attorney that has the knowledge and experience needed to handle your appeal, both at the state and federal levels.

West Lake Hills criminal appeal lawyers are not tasked with re-arguing your case in a courtroom, rather, they draft up an appellate brief that is presented to the courts to prove that your previous case was flawed and therefore a violation of your legal rights.

That’s why not all criminal defense attorneys make effective criminal appeals attorneys in West Lake Hills TX. However, Mr. Arnone is an attorney that has worked with the Texas Court of Appeals, which is the highest appeals court in the entire state.

Mr. Arnone’s extensive knowledge and keen eye allows him to spot flaws in a previous legal trial or process and compile a compelling brief that will maximize your chances at a successful appeal.

Everyone deserves a fair trial and criminal appeal lawyers in West Lake Hills TX assure that process

In today’s world, too many folks are tried in the court of public opinion. If you have been convicted of a state or federal crime, but only because of discrepancies in your trial, then you deserve a retrial, and Mr. Arnone is one of the West Lake Hills criminal appeals attorneys who will make sure you get it.

Charles Arnone and his team vigorously defend their clients, no matter what type of blowback this will cause. Mr. Arnone works with individuals facing everything from a traffic ticket to murder charges, and always strives to serve as one of the best possible West Lake Hills criminal appeal lawyers.

Consult with Charles Arnone and his team about your case

Whether you have worked with Mr. Arnone from the moment of your arrest, or are searching for new West Lake Hills criminal appeals attorneys because you previously had ineffective counsel, we’re ready to hear from you. Consult with our office and let us know about your situation.


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