West Lake Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Protect your legal rights when facing criminal charges by teaming up with Charles Arnone as your West Lake Hills criminal defense attorney. Bringing extensive knowledge and experience to the table, Mr. Arnone and his team will fight vigorously on your behalf to make sure your side of the story is properly represented.

Measured guidance from a West Lake Hills criminal defense lawyer is important

One of the most important things that you can look for when shopping around for criminal defense firms in West Lake Hills TX is finding an attorney that will provide you with honest, insightful information into your case.

Whether you are deciding how to plead, or making other important decisions associated with your case, Mr. Arnone takes the time to lay out your options, weigh the pros and cons of each and provide you with his own unbiased opinion on how you can reach the best possible result.

While a different criminal defense attorney in West Lake Hills TX might treat you like a second-class citizen because you were charged with a crime, Mr. Arnone and his staff know that bad things can happen to good people, and he’s ready to make sure that the criminal justice system doesn’t steamroll over good people and their legal rights.

A proven criminal defense lawyer in West Lake Hills TX to defend all types of charges

The scope of Mr. Arnone’s practice is extensive. He can serve as an effective West Lake Hills criminal defense attorney for everything from a simple traffic ticket all the way up to murder charges.

Regardless of the severity of your charges, Mr. Arnone is a West Lake Hills criminal defense lawyer that provides the same tireless work ethic and personal service for clients. With eight years of experience as a prosecutor, and work with the Texas Court of Appeals, Charles Arnone brings unique perspective and copious experience to your legal corner.

Get a free, insightful consultation for a West Lake Hills criminal defense attorney that is ready to listen to your side of the story. Connect with Mr. Arnone and his staff and let’s talk about your situation.


Practicing exclusively in criminal defense from arrest through appeal.

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