West Lake Hills Domestic Violence Attorney

Don’t let a lapse in judgement or false allegations profoundly, and negatively, impact the next years of your life — connect with a West Lake Hills domestic violence defense attorney in the event you face these types of charges.

Domestic violence is an incident of violence that occurs between two individuals that are either family members or otherwise have a relationship with one another. These types of incidents can take place between:

  • Spouses, both current and formal
  • Individuals that are dating
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Grandparents
  • Domestic partners

When family conflicts become heated, domestic violence charges can often result, even on occasions where they are not necessarily merited. If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, Charles Arnone and his staff invite you to connect with us to discuss the matter with a trusted domestic violence defense attorney in West Lake Hills TX.

The consequences of domestic violence charges can be severe

As your West Lake Hills domestic violence defense attorney, Mr. Arnone’s chief objective is to find a way to minimize the impact of your charges on your life. If you are arrested for, and convicted of, domestic violence charges, you could suffer consequences that include:

  • Jail time
  • Losing the privilege to purchase a firearm
  • Losing custody of a child or children
  • Fines
  • Trouble finding employment
  • And more

As your domestic violence defense attorney in West Lake Hills TX, Charles Arnone will help you throughout each phase of your case — pre-trial, trial and appeal. He will practice open communication to make sure that you always know the status of your case.

Put extensive experience in your corner

Mr. Arnone has logged eight years of experience as a prosecutor, which equips him with the unique perspective of the opposing side. He will leverage this experience to protect your good name and your legal rights.

Run your case by a qualified West Lake Hills domestic violence defense attorney by connecting with Mr. Arnone and his team for a free consultation.


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