West Lake Hills Domestic Violence Lawyer

As a trusted West Lake Hills domestic violence defense lawyer, Charles Arnone and his support staff are ready to work with you to address these serious charges.

Heated conflicts between family members or intimate partners can often result in domestic violence allegations or even formal charges. Unfortunately, some individuals use the criminal justice system irresponsibly in attempts to get even with a family member.

Law enforcement takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously, which is why you need a DV defense lawyer in West Lake Hills TX to avoid being swept up in false allegations. Charles Arnone and his team will get your side of the story and make sure your voice is heard throughout the process.

If you’re arrested, immediately connect with a reliable West Lake Hills DV defense lawyer

Your top priority when arrested and charged with domestic violence is to connect with a qualified attorney to help guide your steps forward through the legal process.

Often, a West Lake Hills domestic violence defense lawyer will advise you to take some of the following actions in order to start building your case.

  • Take photos of any evidence, including personal injuries
  • Make copies of medical records if there are any
  • Don’t make any statements to police until you have consulted with a DV defense lawyer in West LAke Hills TX
  • If there is a personal protection order against you, make sure to comply with its terms
  • Keep emotions in check and avoid making rash decisions that can only compound your legal problems

As your domestic violence defense lawyer in West Lake Hills TX, Charles Arnone and his staff will work to take care of the rest. He will walk through all the options available to you and help guide you to the best possible outcome, whether that means accepting a plea deal or fighting in court to completely clear your name.

Consult with Charles Arnone about your case

Tell your story to a qualified West Lake Hills domestic violence defense lawyer by connecting with Charles Arnone and his staff right now. He is ready to listen.


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